The slopes of the Croix Rousse

This district and its slopes have been inhabited since Antiquity, as evidenced by the Roman amphitheater of Trois-Gaules. From one alley to another, walk in the footsteps of the canuts, silk workers and set off to discover the Croix-Rousse. These traboules and staircases tell you the story of the canuts in the 19th century.
At the bottom of this gently sloping walk, cross the Place des Terreaux where the Town Hall, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Bartholdi fountain stand.
Lyon is now internationally recognized as a symbol of muralism. Since 1986, the Cité Création collective has produced more than 100 painted walls in the city, giving an original view of Lyon. This street art, initially breaking with official bodies, is now recognized, more conventional and becomes an emblem of artistic renewal in Lyon.
Join the "Painted Wall of famous Lyonnais" rue de la Martinière. Recreating, in trompe-l'oeil, an architecture typical of this district on the banks of the Saône, this fresco depicts 30 portraits of great men who have made Lyon shine, from Antiquity to today: Abbé Pierre, Saint-Exupéry, the Lumière Brothers, Paul Bocuse or Bernard Pivot rub shoulders with Claude Bernard, Louise Labé or the Emperor Claude...