Walk on the hill of Fourvière

Travel through time, styles and eras... From Lugdunum to Lyon, 2000 years are watching you!
Travel back in time and the history of Lyon during a walk full of charm and beautiful landscapes.
From this hill, the breathtaking view of the agglomeration makes it possible to retrace its evolution through the ages, and the main monuments seen from above are revealed in a new light.
The discovery of the basilica, one of the symbols of the city, immerses you in the end of the 19th century. The richness of its interior decoration is impressive.
Then it is in Antiquity that the walk continues, to the nearby archaeological site and its Gallo-Roman theaters.
The descent to Vieux-Lyon, through the cobbled streets and stairs, recalls the traditions of Lyon during a fun and unexpected wandering.
At the bottom of the hill, the Renaissance city stretches along the banks of the Saône: Vieux-Lyon and its charming streets and squares.
A visit through the centuries and history over the districts listed as World Heritage by Unesco.